Our company's vision of the future serves as a guideline for our environmental policy. All our waste is sorted and transferred for recycling and we have a continuous research for waste reduction. Installation of 800 square meters of photovoltaic panels on our new construction. Our facility has benefited from grants from the European Community for its exemplary environmental undertakings. Our production site comes under the regulations of Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment and are subject to regular controls of emissions to air and water and soil. The waste management is constantly optimized with qualified service providers whose mission is to value at the best the waste produced by the production site. 

"The success belongs to everyone and that anyone merits the credit". We believe that the success of our company depends mostly of men and women who are part of our team. Therefore it is important that on all levels of our organization everyone can work under pleasant and secure conditions and respect the environment.

The safety and well being of employees is the main task of the management, because beyond regulatory constraints we want to ensure a working environment where everyone will take pleasure in contributing to the success of the company in minimizing risks associated with its work.

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