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    Nickel Lay-Up Tool
    Adjusting of the tool, Low-weight tool, Excellent heat conductivity
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    Composites Lay-Up Tool
    Light weight, Reliability, Low coefficient of expansion
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    "Mosites" Silicone Tools
    Re-usable vacuum bag, silicon pressure bag, caulplate...
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    Maintenance & Repair
    nickel welding and refilling, repair, adjustment


Corima Technologies offers you turnkey projects or independent services


Electroplating with thick deposition (electroforming) enables the manufacturing of moulds and products for aeronautics, medical, space and composites industry


Manufacturing of Nickel and Composite lay-up tools and serial parts

Nickel / Composite shells are generally used as lay-up tools for the moulding of carbon fibre or prepreg glass fibre, which is widely used in the aerospace industry.

Space industry

Manufacturing of electroformed parts (Gold plated copper grills)

From a machined metal mandrel the electroforming technology allows the manufacturing of complex products parts, without any welding, to a thckness of several microns.  


Technical deposit for Medical industry 

The electroforming allows the manufacturing of technical parts with high electric and thermal properties. 

Composites Industry

Manufacturing of Nickel Lay-up tool for the composites industry

Another use of nickel is for RTM moulds (Resin Transfer Moulding) used in the production of polyester parts to improve the quality and production rate.

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