Introduction of our company

Originally in 1973, CORIMA (Cooperation Riffard Martin) manufactured models and moulds for casting industry, in the 1980’s they specialized in aeronautical tools. In the 1990s, the company creates a new chain which develops its own high-performance Carbon products for cycling.

In 1995, the company splits into two entities:

1997 CORIMA Modelage implements an electroforming production unit, which is a galvanic deposit of Nickel or Copper. The electroforming technology involves the deposit of a thick metal layer on to a model which is then demoulded to obtain a mould surface, or part.

Its ambition: to develop and manufacture electroformed tools, mainly made out of Nickel, that are used to lay carbon and resin impregnated glassfibre up. Those tools are well know under the name of Lay-Up Tool in the aeronautics. CORIMA modelage becomes then a major player in electroforming in France and Europe.

At the beginning of 2009, to consolidate its position as an international specialist in electroformed moulds, CORIMA Modelage changes its name into CORIMA TECHNOLOGIES S.A.S.

The extension and modernization of its production plant allows Corima to assist its customers on projects of large sizes (Electroforming Nickel tanks: 7m × 4m × 2.5m).

In the meanwhile, CORIMA TECHNOLOGIES seeks new markets by developing the production of serial parts for the aeronautical, aerospace, medical and other industries.

In 2010, CORIMA TECHNOLOGIES is awarded the ISO 9001-2008 certificate for the design and manufacturing of electroformed or composite tools and associated equipment, design and manufacturing of parts by electroforming.

In 2014, CORIMA TECHNOLOGIES integrates two new skills : Composite lay-up tools and « Mosites » silicone tools.

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